Algerian, Pakistani and Burkina Faso pilgrims attend Makkah festival



Al-Nuzhah neighborhood center held a festival earlier this week to welcome pilgrims from different countries.
Muslims from Burkina Faso, Algeria and Pakistan attended the festival which included a short movie about Makkah and its historical role in hosting pilgrims.
Adel Hafez, the festival organizer, told Arab News that the pilgrims were able to learn about local culture through the event and recognize the historical value of Makkah’s cultural heritage.
Makkah is rich in historical scenes and full of events which have rich cultural significance, of which all pilgrims should be aware, Hafez said.
He pointed out that the relationship between pilgrims and Makkah as a city should not be only by performing the rituals but they should have access to Makkah’s cultural history.
“Whenever you look at Makkah, you will see historical resources and archaeological publications, museums, and archaeological culture,” Hafez added.
He said that they have dedicated this festival to present a brief overview of Makkah culture and heritage where they can focus on folklore.
“We showed them Makkah from the past and present to let them know how our ancestors lived and how they served pilgrims,” he pointed out.
“We showed them a movie that talks about different historical periods and how

Makkah’s people had to help pilgrims, plus, the show explained all the efforts of the Saudi government accorded to pilgrims.”
The festival included a competition to recognize the voices of Al-Haram muezzins — people who call prayers — who had interacted among the arrivals from Pakistan, Burkina Faso and Algeria.
Khalid Mushtag, a Pakistani pilgrim, said: “We appreciate the fantastic show and learned a lot about Makkah’s culture. It also gave us an opportunity to have a cultural exchange which enriched everyone who came.”