Indonesia Explores Cooperation with Modern Retail Store in Saudi Arabia



Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) of Jeddah is exploring opportunities for cooperation with a major modern store in Saudi Arabia, i.e., Danube Company Ltd. This cooperation is a pilot project of increasing trade in the retail sector between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

Head of Jeddah ITPC Gunawan said the cooperation is a pilot project to gain easy access to Saudi Arabia market and increase penetration of Indonesian products to Saudi Arabia through retail network of Danube Company Ltd, which is later expected to significantly increase Indonesia’s non-oil exports to Saudi Arabia.

According to Gunawan, the cooperation with Danube modern store is made because the location is in the area of Haramain—Mecca and Medina—which are always crowded by hajj and umrah pilgrims from Indonesia as they buy daily necessities.

“The Haramain region has a large captive market for Indonesian products, more than 1.2 million hajj and umrah pilgrims visit this place every year,” Gunawan said in a press release on Wednesday (4/11/2018).

To discuss the plan of cooperation, up to now ITPC of Jeddah and Danube Company Ltd have conducted two business meetings. Danube Company Ltd is expected to increase Indonesia’s non-oil exports to Saudi Arabia significantly,” said Project Development Manager of Danube Company Ltd Yuslam Karama.

Meanwhile, Consul General of Indonesia in Jeddah M Hery Saripudin said that this cooperation is a form of innovation and creativity in increasing the value of Indonesia’s trade transactions in Saudi Arabia.

Not only that, Danube Company Ltd also has a business in the field of hospitality. A total of five hotels owned by Danube Company Ltd are scattered in Mecca, Jeddah, and Medina. Danube Company Ltd expressed its interest to invest in the field of hospitality and tourism in Bali Province which is a world tourism destination.

In addition, he said, Danube Company Ltd is also interested in the services of professional workers from Indonesia, especially those who have the competence as professionals of hospitality, accountants, cashiers, personnel for Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC), and other potential skilled workers.

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