Re: Medview Airline and Its Epileptic Services






Media Adviser to Medview Airline


The attention of the Management of Medview Airline has been drawn to an article with the above caption in Hajj Reporters Online of July 18, 2017 and anchored under the name of Suleiman Shehu Muhammed, in which no effort was spared to run down the airline.

Ordinarily, it is not our tradition to join issues with our supposed customers with genuine complaints, except they are accentuated by malice. While we regret the July 15, 2017 incident as its affects the movement of a beloved sick one, Muhammed failed to take cognizance of numerous factors, which would make an airline to either delay or cancel flights.  At Medview, we put safety first before any other consideration.  And for every cancelled or delayed flight, it is in the interest of the passengers and the airline.

Perhaps, the writer is ignorant that Medview Airline is noted for On Time Performance (OPT) in the industry.  If he is in doubt, he should take the pain to check with Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), which has a robust relationship with Hajj Reporters.

It may interest Muhammed that Medview is the airline of first mention when it comes to Hajj operations, and had on numerous occasions been called upon by NAHCON for a rescue mission to bring back pilgrims left stranded in Saudi by other carriers. Medview has not been found wanting is its 11 years in Hajj operations.  Every year, we improve on our performance and this year will not be an exception.

Screaming headlines do not make a story to be true. We are of the belief that Muhammed is on a mission to sing his masters’ voices, otherwise, he should know by now that UK is part of EU, and we have not stopped flying to London as a result of the purported ban.  The EU ban he referred to is technical in nature and has to do with documentation.

As for the disruption of our Lagos-London flight, operational challenges and the accident at Gatwick airport, which forced many airlines to cancel flights, impacted on our operations on that route.  As a responsible airline, we opened up to  our esteemed customers and went extra mile to address their concern in line with laid down procedures by regulatory agencies. Today, we are back on our three weekly flights on the Lagos-London route.


In future, Muhammed should endeavour to separate facts from fiction, and refrain from portraying himself as an agent commissioned to do a hatchet job.  His piece under reference suggests so.