Siblings unite on Hajj after 15 years of no contact


Samir reunites with his sister, Bushra, 15 years after fleeing from Palestine to Australia. They met in Saudi Arabia at the Grand Hajj this year.

Samir was forced to flee the country when the Palestine–Israel conflict broke out while Bushra was left behind in the country without any contact with her brother. The two siblings had assumed each other dead for fifteen years until they were reunited at Mina during the holy pilgrimage of Hajj this year.

Bushra was attending the Hajj as part of King Salman’s Hajj program in which he invites 1000 affected families from Palestine to perform Hajj under his expense every year.

Bushra recognized her brother, Samir from across her tent in Mina and rushed to talk to him. Both the siblings were overcome with emotions at the miracle that this reunion.